Hammerstein Ballroom

The Hammerstein Ballroom is truly a one of a kind multi-purpose entertainment arena that is known for its fabulous architecture and exemplary design. This structure is a century old Opera house that was known to host some of the legendary Opera performers. Today it has been redesigned to meet the needs of the modern day events and functions. The Hammerstein Ballroom is located in New York and is one of the well-known landmarks of the region. The hand painted ceilings at the venue along with the three side exclusive balconies adds an elegant flair to this multi-purpose venue. The Hammerstein Ballroom is located within the Manhattan Center Studio and is known for its excellent appearance and acoustical design. The total area of the ball rooms is 12,000 square feet and is two-tired.


Even though it retains a lot of classical features from its Opera house era, the Hammerstein Ballroom is fully integrated into the 21st Hammerstein Ballroom1century entertainment and media production technology. The ceiling of this venue soars high at 75 feet, above the main floor and has various rigging points. These rigging points are suitable to hold production lighting, set designs or sound equipment. This venue is one of the most preferred venues for live performances, taped broadcasts, special events and productions. The in-house television studios, recording studios, post production rooms and control rooms make this venue a one stop solution for numerous kinds of events and functions.


The capacity of this ballroom depends on how the room is configured. If you were to attend a theatrical performance the ballroom can seat 2,500 guests. If the event is held within the central ring of the ballroom then it can host several thousands of guests. The two main galleries or balconies in the venue can seat a maximum of 1,200 people. These two balconies are very close to the ground and have a natural slope. The venue has attained its present day charm after a series of extensive renovations.


Hammerstein Ballroom 2The availability of high-end technology and modern amenities makes this venue a popular choice for international and local product launches, television award shows, holiday parties and designer shows. This versatile and elegant event destination in New York has turned into the venue of choice for corporate event and party planners, show promoters and party producers.


The Hammerstein Ballroom has hosted several notable events over the years. The professional wrestling association has staged some events at the Ballroom. The Halloween Show a part of the reunion tour of Jane’s Addiction was also shot at this venue. The DVD Live One Night Only was recorded by Patti LaBelle at the ballroom. O.A.R and Korn which are popular rock bands recorded its live album in the year 2004 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent has also taped numerous shows here. Eminem set the audience on fire as he performed lobe at the 30th Anniversary of G-Shock. This venue has also played host to stalwarts from various genre of art and entertainment and continues to be a highly sought after venue in Manhattan.